April 21
Aphids & Sooty Mould

Aphids & Sooty Mould

I love that the women (and men) in my Essential Olie Tree experiment with their essential oils, and provide new ways to use them.  Everyday I learn more about essential oils!  So, this recipe isn’t one of my original recipes.

My lovely cousin, Rebecca Heywood at Do B U, shared this recipe with myself and the members of our closed Facebook group (exclusive to dōTERRA members in the Essential Olie Tree).  With her permission, I’m sharing it with you all.

Aphids come in different colours, and are those pesky little insects that kill plants.  They usually lurk on young shoots, flower buds and underneath leaves.  Over the years, I’ve lost alot of home grown vegetables from them.  It’s a constant battle.  But, no wonder, when there are over 4,000 species of aphids!

They produce a sap called honeydew that causes sooty mould on your plants.  The mould spores thrive, reproduce and attracts other insects like ants that you don’t want killing your precious plants.

How do you get rid of aphids and sooty mould?  You need to have a good control program.  If your like me, it needs to be quick and easy.  I also prefer not to use chemicals, so my control program needs to be low toxic so it’s better for me when I’m gardening, better for the plants, and better for our environment.

Easy & Natural Control Program

A good heavy pruning is involved, then a good spray with this Aphid & Sooty Mould solution which is simply dōTERRA On Guard Cleaning Concentrate and water.  In another 7-10 days give the plants another good spray, and repeat as needed.  It’s that simple.  The soapiness and the on guard essential oil in the cleaning concentrate will kill the aphids, and wash away the mould.

Natural and easy is better right?  If you have aphids on outdoor plants, you can even plant mint, fennel, dill or even dandelions to attract ladybugs as their larvae love eating aphids.  If it’s on indoor plants, don’t over fertilise and a drop of Cedarwood Essential Oil in the soil will also help ward off bugs that may want to approach your precious plants.

Need supplies?

I love using my 500ml Amber Trigger Spray Bottles, and I usually use cooled boiled water when making my DIY products.

If you don’t yet have essential oils start your journey now and join me and my team.  If you already have your wholesale customer account, then I hope your adding a bottle of OnGuard Cleaning Concentrate to your next order.  It’s so cost effective, as it equates to 45 Litres of general purpose cleaning product.

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