Attend our Events & Host a Workshop

attend one or all of our events

This will start or ignite your essential oil journey as you will learn:

  • About essential oils
  • How to use essential oils
  • The safe way to use essential oils
  • Making blends
  • Ask questions
  • Learn all about dōTERRA and why you need to be using the most purest essential oils in the world

You need to register to attend all of our events.  Some of them are free and some require a fee upfront, as they are make and take events where you make products to take home so the fee covers for the cost of these products.

My time is soulfully given to you free.

Check out our events here.

host your own workshop

We offer host incentives as our thank you for opening your home or organising a location and inviting your friends along to your own workshop.  These host incentives are my personal gifts from my heart and home to you.

At your own workshop, we come to you with all of the essential oils required for the workshop, plus supplies and products.

All you need to do is to open your home or organise the location and invite your friends and family members for a few hours of fun.

Booking your own workshop is also a great way to start your new toxic-free life or to share your journey to a holistic life with your friends and family.

Head over to our workshop section to book a workshop.

how to host a success workshop

2 weeks before:

  • Create a list of people that you want to invite to the class.
    Usually 50% of the people you invite show up, so invite twice as many. The goal is to have 6-8 guests in attendance.
  • Hand your guests their invitations by asking them if they are “open to learning more about natural solutions for their general health and wellbeing” then ask if they “would like a sample to try” (if so, hand them a sample). Ask them for an RSVP when you hand them the invitation (keep track of RSVP’s). If they are not interested, tell them that you understand and ask them “if they know anyone that they could pass on the invitation too that would be interested”.

1 week before:

  • Review invite list – if you have received no’s, not interested or not available responses then go back to your list and invite a few more people.

1-2 days before:

  • Check in with those that have RSVP’d – remind them of the day, time and location of the class.
  • Plan food for the class – water, mineral water tea, coffee, and either a sweet or savoury treat. Don’t go overboard!

Day of the workshop:

  • Please do not serve alcohol or food before the class.
  • Try to keep distractions to a minimum remembering it’s an essential oil class not a social party.
  • If children are present, please keep them supervised and be aware that essential oils are to be handled by adults only, not children.
  • No animals in the room please.
  • Before and during the class, serve water or mineral with a drop of wild orange or lemon or lime essential oil.
  • Keep the food to a minimum – just one dish or even just a cuppa and a packet of bikkies or dip and crackers.
  • After the class, serve a sweet OR savoury treat infused with essential oils – A savoury treat may include bread with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a drop of one of the herb essential oils such as thyme.

1 day after the class:

  • Thank your guests for coming to the class.

a group is not for you?

Why not book in for some one on one time?

I can call you to chat about your essential oil needs and requirements via Skype, Zoom or in person.

Total investment is $50 which is fully refunded if you join our Essential Olie Tree (no obligations though!).

This is a great start or reignite if your already in our Essential Olie Tree too, however, for you my time is yours given freely!