December 10
Black Spruce Diffuser Blends

Black Spruce Diffuser Blends

With so many emotional and physical benefits of course I love to add black spruce to my diffusers around the home.

It’s been a fabulous variation to the usual respiratory blends that I use.  Particularly, over the past month with the smoky air.  But, it’s also great to diffuse after a particularly smelly meal.  Or, when you discover uneaten food in school bags!  Or, with some baking soda in smelly sports shoes!

It’s been a great addition in our house, as I usually blend douglas fir with everything!  So, now I have another similar oil to blend with everything!  Not sure I am at my ‘everything smells better with black spruce’ yet like I am with douglas fir, but I certainly love the woody earthy fresh aroma of black spruce.

I have gone over some of the physical and emotional benefits in my black spruce rollerball blends post.  Physically we have been diffusing it lately for respiratory support.  Emotionally, it’s a lovely supportive oil to help you through times of facing fears.  Fear of the past.  Fear of the future.  Fear of the unknown.  It all leads to fatigue.  Diffuse black spruce to clear the air, uplift, calm and look upon your fears from a different angle.

If you don’t yet have essential oils and are keen to start your journey now then click here to join me and my team.  If you already have your wholesale customer account, then I hope your adding black spruce essential oil to your next order.

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