July 19

Bubbly Delight

So, a few weeks ago, my husband and I celebrated our 20 year wedding anniversary. I can’t believe we have been married for 20 years. The time has actually flown by! We have crammed alot in our 20 years together, and as we were quite young when we got married we have grown together.

To celebrate our anniversary we take a weekend away with our kids to celebrate as a family, however, this year as it’s been a hectic year, I really just wanted to have some quiet time at home snuggled under a warm blanket watching TV….very boring I know, but we really haven’t had time just to have time out this year. Anyway, of course, we still had a lovely dinner and some sparkling wine to celebrate. I love bubbles! I also made some nut cheese, crackers and as I love making my own fruit jellies to serve with nut cheese I experimented with a sparkling wine jelly. I have to say, it was very good, with crackers and cheese….I just didn’t take a photo (insert sad face…hehe!). But, I couldn’t stop eating it by the spoonful and just had to share with you my version.

So without going on too long about how I enjoyed it, and without going on about how it’s lead me to experiment with other alcoholic beverages, here is my recipe for Bubbly Delight. Of course if you want to make a larger quantity then you just need to multiply the recipe. I set it in a dish, but to eat as a dessert with some whipped coconut cream or coconut yogurt it would look so cute in little port glasses.

Again, I like it without sweetener, but of course if you like things on the sweeter side then add a teaspoon of raw honey or your favourite sweetener.

Bubbly Delight

Prep time Cook time Total time
4 hours 2 mins 1 min 4 hours 3 mins

Author: Tracey Francis of Essential Olie


  • 200ml Piccolo Bottle of Sparkling Wine
  • 1 Tablespoons Grass Fed Gelatin (or Agar Agar)


  1. Pour sparkling wine into a small saucepan and warm the liquid over a low heat (do not boil…just take the chill off and make it warm).
  2. Whisk in gelatin til combined.
  3. Gently pour liquid into lined mini cake tin or port glasses or jelly mould or glass container.
  4. Refrigerate til set (it takes about 4 hours).
  5. Once set, if you have used a mini cake tin turn out set jelly onto a chop into desired size squares (or use small cookie cutters**) or serve from glass containers.
  6. Store in either an airtight container or covered in the refrigerator.
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