April 14

Buddha Wood Diffuser Blends

I love nature.  Appreciating the wonders of our Earth.  To me there is nothing better than going for a bush walk smelling nature.  Fresh crisp vs woody and earthy smells.

Wood essential oils invokes memories of many bush walks I’ve done, and soothes my soul.

We live in Sydney, near a national park for this very reason.  It’s not quite the bush, but I do feel that sense of tranquility when I come home each day.  I love mother nature.  I love walking through the national park.  It’s part of my stress relieving self-care routine.

At the moment, I haven’t felt comfortable going out for a walk in the national park.  I actually feel like I’m in a state of flight or fight mode, as I’m sure many others around the world feel the same with everything that’s going on at the moment.  So, I’ve been diffusing lots of essential oils that are supportive for those anxious feelings particularly Buddha Wood.  I love the calming and relaxing feelings that I not only experience but also my family experiences too, when we diffuse Buddha Wood.

I personally don’t diffuse Buddha Wood as a single oil, but it’s not to say you can’t.  It’s just a personal preference thing.  We have narrowed down our favourite blends featuring Buddha Wood essential oil, so I hope they bring you some relaxation moments too.

On a side note, I have been using buddha wood on 2 massive nasty blisters on my feet.  One of the blisters was so bad I could barely move my foot let along put shoes on, and it was swollen and weeping.  Actually looked a little infected.  I’ve been soaking my feet with a blend of magnesium salts and buddha wood essential oil, then applying dōTERRA’s correct-x with a drop of Buddha Wood.  It’s been amazing.  I wish I took photo’s!

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