April 07

Buddha Wood Rollerball Blends

dōTERRA’s Buddha Wood has this amazing smoky woody aroma.

It’s sourced from Eastern Australia, and native to our sunburnt country.  It has been used by our First Australians for many years for it’s powerful properties.

Buddha Wood contains anti-bacterial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbal and sedative properties making it great support oil to use:

  • When meditating
  • For immune support
  • Pillow or Linen spray for sleep
  • Applied to wounds
  • In DIY face products for acne prone skin
  • Added to your massage oil mix to soothe muscle aches and pains
  • In your DIY deodorants
  • A drop in some baking soda for smelly shoes & fridges
  • Added to your pure-fume


When your blending to make your own pure-fumes Buddha Wood provides depth as a base note essential oil slowing down the evaporation of lighter essential oils.

Like all wood essential oils, Buddha Wood is a grounding and on an emotional level it will assist to keep you in the moment or to bring you back to the moment.

Some of my rollerball blends contain citrus oils which are photosensitive, so please be sun safe.

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