I’m terrified on using toxic weeds killer around our home.  Have you ever googled the ingredients, and the harmful side effects?  I have and I almost instantly started googling natural alternatives.  I’ve tried a few recipes, and played around with some recipe to tweak them to create my own low toxic version.

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Liquid Dishes

Swapping out a toxic dishwashing liquid for one that you make yourself is the easiest way you can start your low tox way of life.

Dishwashing liquid was one of the first products we swapped.  Have you ever tried to read the ingredients in your dishwashing liquid?  I did.  I used a chemical app and google, and it freaked me out.

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Here is my version of wipes.

You can adjust the quantity of essential oils for little tushies and use different oils depending on what you want to use them for.  For little tushies, you might like to consider using lavender.  For cleaning, then consider using OnGuard or Lemon or Tea Tree or even Oregano or a combination of essential oils.

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