Passionfruit Slice

This slice has been around for years, so I have simply converted it to gluten free. My husband and parents love this slice in all its sweetness. They love the creamy cheesecake layer with the combination of a crunchy crumbly base. I have also made it for some of my non-gluten free friends and they enjoyed it too, so I hope you enjoy it too. Continue reading Passionfruit Slice

Pear Chia Pudding

Chia puddings are so easy to make, as there is no cooking involved. They are a great way to use up fruit that is getting a little old and you don’t want to throw out, or in our house our kids won’t eat as they start getting a little bruised or darker. I often buy the older misshaped fruit at bargain prices and make chia puddings with them. Continue reading Pear Chia Pudding