Static Cling

There is nothing worse when you wear a lovely top, skirt, pants or dress and it clings to you like no tomorrow.

Years ago I used to use chemical-based sprays that I would buy in the lingerie section or personal care aisle at large department stores and supermarkets.  I love them, but they never really worked.  I always had to carry them around with me.

Until I started doing this trick…

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Skin Protector

I came up with this idea after spending 4 days in hospital with my daughter Bella in 2017.  She broke her foot and a few places and needed surgery.  I stayed by her side the whole time.  Unfortunately I caught a cold.  My nose was raw from using tissues.  I only had a limited number of oils, and mentally wasn’t in the right headspace to ask someone to bring in my oils.  I never left the hospital from the moment the ambulance took us there.  But, I did have a plain dōTERRA lip balm, so I applied some to my nose to act as a barrier against the tissues, and I loved it.

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Wash and Moisturiser

Last week I shared how I use the dōTERRA Beautiful Body Mist as a quick and easy hair mask.

This week, I am sharing with you how you can also use it as your face cleanser and moisturiser* plus as a body wash.  How versatile and awesome is that!  It’s particularly great when your travelling and don’t want to take too many products with you, or if you don’t want to buy excess products or for when you run out.  Personally, this is one of my favourite hacks.   Continue reading Wash and Moisturiser

Easy Hair Mask

I have previously shared with you my hair mask hack already, but this one is super easy.

But, this is one way I have discovered how to use it a little differently, as it contains nourishing carrier like:

  • Avocado (makes your hair shiner)
  • Coconut oil (supportive for hair growth and shine)
  • Sunflower seed oil (an Omega 9 which stimulates healthy hair)

Infused with essential oils like frankincense (supports your scalp and moisturises hair follicles) and bergamot (supports blood flow to your scalp).  So, make sure you also rub it into your scalp! Continue reading Easy Hair Mask