February 11

Chilli Lime Salt

Well, we do love a mouthwatering tasty salt in this house.

This flavour combination was created by Bella our 11 year old gluten free kid. I have sprinkled it over sweet potato fries, bbq and roast chicken, bbq fish, roast potatoes….well anything and everything that you potential sprinkle with a little salt.

To read more about dōTERRA Lime and Cilantro Essential oils click here.  Both of these essential oils have so many supportive properties physically and emotionally, so start making my essential oil infused salt. I know you will love it.

Chilli Lime Salt

Prep time Total time
2 mins 2 mins

Author: Tracey Francis of Essential Olie



  1. Combine all ingredients in a small cup or bowl. Thoroughly mix the essential oil into the salt and chilli mix.
  2. Use.
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