February 11

Citronella Diffuser Blends

I was so excited when dōTERRA released citronella essential oil, as it’s only previously been featured in their outdoor / insect repelling blend called TerraArmour (aka Terra Shield).

I mentioned in my previous blog post that citronella makes me sleepy when I diffuse it by itself.

Citronella is such a great essential oil to diffuse during the day for it’s uplifting and repellant properties.  Especially when your entertaining in summer and on summer nights.  Needless to say, as it makes me sleepy, II experimented with blending and the ‘number of drops’ that I could add to blends to suit me.

I love diffusing it of a night time.  Especially in summer to ward off pesky mozies that always find their way into the home and buzz around when your trying to sleep.  I tend to go for essential oils that are lighter but Glenn’s favourite oils are heavier.  The blends called Repells and Release were ones I created for Glenn, and we love to diffuse when we are asleep.

I love diffusing the blend called Energising when we are entertaining.

If you don’t yet have essential oils and are keen to start your journey now then click here to join me and my team.  If you already have your wholesale customer account, then I hope your adding Citronella essential oil to your next order.

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