May 12
Easy Air Diffuser Blends

Easy Air Diffuser Blends

Easy Air is one of our most used essential oils in our household and not just for it’s fresh minty smell, but for it’s physical support benefits for our respiratory systems.

Char, our youngest daughter, would use this oil the most out of all of us.  She suffers from respiratory and allergy issues.  She uses it on a daily basis, as part of my essential oil protocol I have adopted to support her.

When we are out and about just to give you more food for thought, I take a partly filled 5ml bottle, so I can easily drop it into the palms of my hands, rub, and allow her to inhale the aroma.  It’s great when you don’t have access to a diffuser and need an almost immediate effect.  Particularly if we forget to pack her nasal inhaler which is filled with Easy Air and Frankincense for when we are on the move.

She loves it diffused, and usually pops it intuitively into her bedroom diffuser of a night time either by itself or with lavender.  Emotionally, it allows you to breathe in, then exhale the stresses of the day.  I call it our ‘Let it Go’ essential oil, as we started to use it at the time when Char was very young and the movie Frozen was released.

Each of us in our household however love blend it in the diffuser with different oils, and so I’m sharing with your some of our collective favourite blends.  If you search for Easy Air in the ‘recipe & blog’ section you will see that I have quite a few variations.

You can see from these blends, I either love adding it with citrus, mints and earthy scents, which completely changes the middle to top notes in the blend.

I hope your inspired to experiment with blending Easy Air or love using my recipes.  I always tell my customers to take the caps off, smell caps, and if you like it, use it.

If you don’t yet have essential oils and are keen to start your journey now then click here to join me and my team.  Already have a wholesale customer or advocate account?  Then, I hope you use Easy Air as part of your daily routine as well.  If not, try adding it into your routine or even your occasional routine eg; during the winter months.

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