Essential Oils

Essential Oils are natural compounds extracted from plants that can be used around the home to reduce household chemicals and with the family for general health and well-being.

The compounds are tiny, but it’s the little things that make big differences and the little things that gets us through the day.

dōTERRA essential oils, pure and potent, are sourced from indigenous locations around the world using traditional growing and extraction processes using steam distillation or cold pressing with no fillers.  This is one of the main reasons why I love and use dōTERRA!


Reducing chemicals and creating a better life:

The wise generations before us used to use loads of white vinegar and baking soda.  It’s so interesting that we are just rediscovering what they already knew.

I remember, when I was old enough I would push my parents to buy chemical-based house fragrances, cleaners, car deodorises, etc.  How times have changed!  We pride ourselves on our clever we are for inventing new and exciting ways to clean and deodorise our house naturally, but it’s always been there, we just forgot.  Household chemicals are harmful!  Not, only to use, but also to our environment, as remember they are entering our waterways and oceans, then we eat the seafood living in our chemical injected oceans.  What does that do to our bodies?!  I don’t even want to think about it.  But, I do know that for the longevity of my children and future generations I would like my legacy to be that there is a world that sustains life and can provide sustenance.

As a family, we needed to find funds in our budget to make this change.  We simply stopped shopping in the household cleaning aisle in the supermarket and substituted all household chemical laden cleaning products with essential oils, white vinegar and of course baking soda!


This is how I do it!

Around the home, office and ourselves, on a daily basis:

  • Diffuse essential oils for emotional and physical benefits (even in the car on long trips!)
  • Clean the entire home from top to bottom with essential oil based products that we make.
  • Use essential oils in the laundry.
  • Consume essential oils in our food.
  • Create new and exciting new recipes using essential oils.
  • Take some essential oils internally.
  • Make our own blends and pure-fumes to support our bodies, rather than harm them.
  • DIY body, hair and face products (saving even more money!)

We also come up with new and exciting ways to use essential oils through our collective sharing in our Essential Olie Tree of likeminded gorgeous women and men.

It takes nothing to be part of the crowd but takes everything to be different.


Why you need to be using the world’s most purest essential oils?



Are you ready to prioritise your general health and well being by joining our Essential Olie Tree?

Believe in yourself.  You are worth it.


Why I use dōTERRA essential oils?

I have used many different brands of essential oils since I was a teenager, but from the moment I used dōTERRA essential oils I knew I had found the right oils for me:

indigenously sourced 100% pure essential oil with no fillers

Click here to download the quality report on the purity of your dōTERRA essential oil!

Using the best to give my family the best possible outcomes for their health and well-being.


I use them as part of my everyday life from the moment I wake til the moment I rest.

After I shower or bath each day, I aromatically dress myself taking time out to nourish and care for my body.  Even in the shower, we are using oils: fizzes when we have the sniffles, shower gels, soaps, face and hair products.  I also take some essential oils internally to support my general health and wellness.  A diffuser goes on in the morning while we are having breakfast and preparing the family for the day’s adventures using essential oils lovingly selected by heart, feelings or intent.  Actually, the diffuser is always on!  Of a night time, we apply essential oils to our bodies before we rest and even help us rest our weary heads and bodies.


I love that dōTERRA essential oils are pure and potent so a goes a LONG way.

There are approximately 250 drops in a 15ml bottle and approximately 85 drops in a 5ml bottle.  Some oils can be used as is, so 250 drops = 250 usages, whilst some are required to be diluted, so 1 drop in 114ml into a base (e.g.; fractionated coconut oil or another carrier oil or in distilled water or witch hazel).  I think you get the idea how far these little bottles can stretch and if you look at their versatility and past that initial investment they are actually quite affordable.


I love a bargain and a free product or 2 or 3!

When you open a wholesale customer account you buy products at 25% off retail.  There is no requirement to on-selling or minimum spend.  To keep your account active, you simply need to buy 1 product per year.


Above all, I love the openness and philosophy behind the company

dōTERRA help communities around the world, most of them third world countries, not only from ethically sourcing products from around the world, but also from their Healing Hands Foundation.  Each bottle makes a difference in a life in a world we cannot comprehend unless we have travelled that road.

Ready Now?

Experience the world’s purest and most potent essential oils in a caring and supportive team?

We are here to help people find natural solutions to living.