January 29

Gratitude Diffuser Blend

Can you believe it’s 2019!  Another year, another list of resolutions.

Do you do a list of resolutions for the new year?  I don’t.  I never stick to them anyway.

I do however plan our year over this time what we have on individually, what we have on as a family, listing personal and business goals and reflect on the year before.  So, not the typical new year’s resolution, but I guess a resolution of some sorts.

Whilst making my resolution list, I love diffusing this gratitude blend.  Why?  The calming uplifting aroma also supports my mental clarity so that I can finish off my lists.  It reminds me of that old saying, “wake up and smell the roses” truly love and appreciate what we have and what is around us and show true gratitude for it.⠀

Live your life with gratitude and you will have an abundant life.⠀

I created this blend for an expo a few years ago based on the emotional meanings behind each oil. I thought given it was a lifestyle expo it was appropriate. It was at this expo I met Marlowe from www.kayajewellery.com.au and we became friends.  A few days before the expo, my oldest daughter broke her foot in 3 places.  She needed to have surgery so I spent that week with her in hospital by her side. It was the start of a very long and slow recovery.

Don’t you just love our sense of smell and that the power of essential oils can trigger?  Especially, those memories that seem distance, lost and occurred a long time ago.  But, the power of essential oils brings them back to the forefront, and for me personally, this memory reminds me to show gratitude everyday to my family and my friends.⠀

If you don’t yet have essential oils start your journey now and join me and my team we would love to be there for you.  Make sure you pop the yoga collection and a bottle of spearmint on your wish list, or if you already have an account, on your next order.

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