December 20

Ice Christmas Cream

Well, an ice cream Sunday post wouldn’t be the same this close to Christmas without a Christmas inspired ice cream flavour.

This flavour came out of the trials of making my cheats Christmas Cake. I mistakenly used plain flour so the cake turned out more like a brownie! But, it had a delicious flavour so I didn’t want to waste the cake. Hence, ice Christmas cream.

So, give it a go, if you have:

  • A cake failure like I did,
  • Excess Christmas Cake and don’t want to waste it,
  • Excess Christmas Pudding and don’t want to waste it, or
  • Simply want to make an easy but delicious Christmas dessert.

Ice Christmas Cream

Author: Tracey Francis of Essential Olie


  • 1 x 395ml tin of condensed milk (full fat or skim milk)
  • 1 x 300ml cream (we use A2 or Dairy Farmers full fat cream)
  • ⅓ cup Custard (we use Paul’s as it’s gluten free)
  • ⅓ Christmas Cake (or Pudding)


  1. Roughly chopped Christmas Cake (or Pudding).
  2. Whip cream either using a hand beater or mix master until it is stiff peaks.
  3. Add condensed milk, custard and Christmas cake (or pudding).
  4. Lightly mix til the condensed milk, custard and cake/pudding have combined with the cream.
  5. Pour into a square or rectangular dish that you can put into the freezer.
  6. Put a lid on the dish (or cover with plastic and al-foil).
  7. Freeze overnight.
  8. Serve straight from the freezer.

I hope you enjoy this flavour as much as my family has enjoyed it.

Stay tuned for next weeks flavour.

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