March 16


I fell in love the soul soothing aroma of dōTERRA’s lavender essential oil from the first moment I smelt it.  I loved the gentleness of it when I began using it on my kids in 2014, and as they have grown over the years I still love the versatility of this oil for not only my family but also for its many other uses.

I use it everyday in a variety of ways:

  • DIY personal products: liquid soaps for the shower and hands, bath salts, bath sugars, bath bombs, shower fizzies, face cleanser, face toner, face serum, body mists, oh I can keep going on (I think you get the picture)!
  • Homemade cleaning products such as in our linen spray, pillow sprays and general cleaning sprays (I often mix up the oils in our general cleaning sprays).
  • On the soapberry nut bag when washing our clothes.
  • Added to white vinegar and salt for the rinse cycle when washing our clothes.
  • Diluted into a rollerball bottle to immediate usage for the whole family for a range of support for our physical and spiritual selves.  This is particularly useful in the kitchen to soothe the skin or when at a picnic or bushwalking to rejuvenate the skin.
  • Blended by itself or with other essential oils with fractionated coconut oil and aromatically dress myself of a morning or night.
  • My hack:  use it diluted as an oil face cleanser, oil moisturiser and oil body wash, when your travelling and forget your face and/or body products.  I simply apply diluted to face and body then shower or bath and use a face washer to remove and enjoy the aromas of lavender whilst showering or bathing.
  • Diffuse by itself or blended with another essential oil (my favourite would be with either Lemon, or Wild Orange or Peppermint, but each day we blend in before the kids get up with Lemon and Peppermint).
  • A drop added to the palm of your hands, rubbed, then inhaled to bring a sense of calm.

Why dōTERRA?

Each of the 250 precious drops will be so versatile in your home, and is changing the lives of the Bulgarian farmers and their families that grow the lavender for dōTERRA with the co-impact sourcing initiative.

Are you ready to make a difference and buy a pure essential oil that has been extracted from their lavender?  If so, click here to join our Essential Olie Tree.

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