January 05


Wake up to summer each and every day with the tingling, sharp and mouthwatering lemon essential oil.

I use it everyday in a variety of ways:

  • drop added to my first cup of water to start my morning cleansed and refreshed
  • a drop to soda water:  put a drop in a glass pitcher then top it with soda water, it’s so refreshing and invigorating.
  • infused into raw and baked sweets and treats, salad dressing, marinate sauces, tea (brush the side of a tea bag with the top of the bottle), any dishes requiring lemon zest or juice, cakes, muffins, loaves, slices, icing and sorbets for that lemon zing.
  • added to fruit ice blocks, fruit jellies and jam (especially strawberry). To me it takes the fruit to the next level and makes your taste buds dance.
  • making a spray with cooled boiled water, a pinch of salt and a drop of Lemon essential oil to spray your freshly cut fruit to slow down the browning or to use to cleanse your chopping boards, dishwashing clothes, etc.
  • a drop added to a spoonful of honey or even to some of the honey jar. Mmm!
  • as a base in many of my DIY products: general cleaning spray, window spray, wood furniture polish, leather protection, early tarnish on silver, stainless steel cleaner, laundry stain remover, sticky gum remover, added to the soapberry nut bag when doing laundry or to vinegar in the rinse cycle, cleaning the dishwasher, nail polish remover pads.
  • diffused on it’s own or blended with other essential oils – have a bit of fun experimenting with it.  In our home we diffuse it each morning with Peppermint and Lavender, and often during studying and homework time.
  • diluted with fractionated coconut oil into a rollerball bottle for a quick to grab and use pre-diluted bottle.
  • added to a pure-fume for a top citrus note, especially in our ready for school, studying and homework blends.
  • cleaning stubborn stains and food from pots and pans.

Why dōTERRA?

I also love that this precious 15ml bottle contains the rind from approximately 45 lemons.  Isn’t that amazing!  So, you can imagine a little goes a long way.  Each of the 250 precious drops will be so versatile in your home, and is changing the lives of the Italian farmers and their families that grow the lemons in Sicily and Reggio di Calabria for dōTERRA with the co-impact sourcing initiative.

Are you ready to make a difference and buy a pure essential oil that has been extracted from their lemons?  If so, click here to join our Essential Olie Tree.

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