February 26

Lice Prevention Spray

Not sure about you, but I really get paranoid over head lice, so I created this prevention spray.  I have been using this recipe since I created it in January 2015, and touch wood, we haven’t had any incidents at home where my kids have come home with head lice from school.

I love that it’s all natural, easy to make, and makes the kids hair smell lovely.  It also serves as a duel purpose, as the essential oils are also supportive for study, learning and stress.

I often get asked about making a natural chemical free head lice prevention spray.⠀

I chose each of these most authentic pure essential oils of lavender, lemon, tea tree and ylang ylang, for their antiseptic properties. Traditionally, tea tree is used however I didn’t want my girls to be smelling like tea tree each day. We love it, and we still use it.  It’s even lovely just as a body mist because it smells divine.⠀

I would consider each of the essential oils I have used, as strong smelling so you will send your kids to school smelling divine and feeling protected. We make this up recipe in an easy to carry 50ml spray bottles, and spray it all over but particular on the pony tail and nape of the neck – a quick spray or 2 each morning.

You can even add these essential oils to shampoo and conditioner, but remember they like ‘clean’ hair so wash less during the school week.

Did you know we also sell 30ml, 50ml and 200ml spray bottles?  Head over to our shop and buy from us.

If you don’t yet have essential oils start your journey now and join me and my team.  If you already have your wholesale customer account, then I hope your already using most of these essential oils, and possibly just need to add a bottle of ylang ylang to your next order.

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