December 18

Liquid Hand Soap

Making your own low-tox liquid hand soap is probably the most commonly asked question in our Essential Olie Tree when our customers are wanting to start to swap out toxic household items for low-tox items.

I wanted to share with you my guide that I like to use, which you can easily adjust depending on the bottle size you want to make.

You can usually find liquid castille soap in health food stores and online.

Some of my favourite essential oil to use in our liquid hand soap would be OnGuard, Zendocrine, Smart & Sassy, Peppermint and Wild Orange, Coriander and Lemon, Lemon and Lime, Eucalyptus.  We basically add our favourite ‘cleansing’ essential oil or blend a few of them together.

We sell 50ml bottles and serum tops that you can re-purpose old 15ml essential oil bottles.  They will work well with this recipe if you want something smaller and compact, but obviously as the recipe is a guide, you will need to adjust it depending on the bottle size.  I personally have soap pumps that you will usually find in the bathroom sections in alot of stores.  We brought ones from Pottery Barn, Target, Ikea, Kmart and Freedom Furniture that suited each of the bathroom decor (and because I wanted them to be all different).

If you don’t yet have essential oils start your journey now and join me and my team.  If you already have your wholesale customer account, then I hope your adding a bottle of your favourite essential oil or even OnGuard to your next order to start making your own liquid hand soap.

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