Me & My Team

I live in Sydney NSW, and am also the original founder of NOGLUTENS.  I am a holistic wife and mother to 2 beautiful daughters living my dream of sharing my passion for truly authentic essential oils changing lives one drop at a time using the world’s most pure and authentic essential oils.

My journey started in 2014 out of desperation to find a more natural solution to my debilitating illnesses.  I had some immediate results, and some not so immediate results, but the results did give me more confidence to explore further into the world of essential oils.  Although I still had bad days with my illnesses, I felt empowered that I was moving in the right direction not only for myself but also for my family:  for our general health and wellbeing and future.  I was so empowered it draw me towards sharing my new low toxic life with the world.  I started by sharing with friends and family members which lead to the excitement of free essential oils each month.  I then quit my corporate job to focus on my holistic business and work on turning my dreams of serving and empowering others and of a life of total financial freedom to enable my family to be active participants in our community and beyond.  If this sounds similar to your story and dreams then I would love to be there for you.  I believe my calling is to serve others.

Choose me as your wellness advocate.

Hi!  I’m Rebecca Heywood.

Founder of Do B U located in Northern Rivers, NSW.  I am also a holistic wife and mother to 2 energetic boys.  I am passionate about sharing my essential oil journey with others in eliminating toxins in the home living naturally the way Mother Nature intended us to live.  I welcome you to join my journey living my dream of enhancing lives one drop at a time.

I am your wellness advocate.

Hi!  I’m Tuyen Lam.

Founder of Oils of the Rainbow located in Sydney, NSW.  I am a mumma of 2 angels and a rainbow toddler.  I welcome you to join my journey as I share my love and life of essential oils whilst spreading kindness, compassion and healing.

I am your a wellness advocate.