May 19
Mozzie Bites

Mozzie Bites Soothe Salve

Last summer we tried this neat hack of using dōTERRA’s Detoxifying Mud Mask to soothe mozzie bites.

I remember as a kid how painful mozzie bites could be.  Scratching them raw until I experienced relief from the painful itchiness.  I know if both of my kids read this post, especially my youngest daughter, she would completely agree.  They totally feast off her skin for some reason, and the poor poppet comes out in incredibly large welts.

Do you suffer from mozzie bites too?

For me, these days it’s rare that I get bitten, as I use essential oils as my insect repellant although on the odd occasion I get bitten (and it’s often when I haven’t applied essential oils) I use this hack which I tested out on my kids.

Simply apply a thin layer of dōTERRA’s detoxifying mud mask to the bite and leave it to dry.  We don’t even wash it off.  It’s so quick and easy, and the relief is amazing thanks to the infused essential oils of myrrh, juniper berry and grapefruit together with the shea butter, malachite and lentil seed extracts and kaolin earth clay.  Try it next time.  You will be amazed too!

Need supplies?

If you don’t yet have essential oils start your journey now and join me and my team.  If you already have your wholesale customer account, then I hope your adding a tube of dōTERRA’s detoxifying mud mask to your next order.  It’s so versatile for the face, and the body.

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