July 18

No More Excuses Diffuser Blend

I just had to share this blend, as I am diffusing it today and wow I am in love.

I hope you enjoy it too!  It features what Tuyen Lam, one of my business partners, calls sherbert in a bottle aka litsea.

I understand why Tuyen says it smells like sherbert, but to me, it reminds me of lemonade! I also love ylang ylang. It was the first essence of essential oil I ever experienced when I was in my 20s in Armidale. I was there whilst Glenn was at a residential school at UNE. I also brought a burner and loved burning the essence. Oh how times have changed!  I would NEVER burn essential oils these days.

Litsea for its uplifting and refreshing properties and Ylang Ylang for its emotional exuberance to give you a push when you need to get stuff done.⠀

If you don’t yet have essential oils start your journey now and join me and my team.  If you already have your wholesale customer account, then I hope your adding litsea and ylang ylang essential oils to your next order.

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