September 11

Pits Spray

Here is my version of The Inspired Little Pots deodorant spray that I like to call ‘pits spray’, which can double up as a magnesium spray for cramping and a spray for clothing that likes to cling to your skin/stockings.

One of the most common questions I get asked by my customers is about low tox deodorants. My response is always:⠀

everyone is different⠀

we need to change our mindset when we first convert from a chemical-based deodorant to a low tox deodorant as we initially will not have the same odour protection, but I know I never had full protection anyway even when I used the chemical-based stuff⠀

detoxing your pits is important before you start and I do mine a couple times a year (you can buy products but I simply use in a jar 50mls apple cider vinegar and a drop each of lemon, oregano and tea tree essential oil – apply to showered dried pits with a cotton bud or muslin cloth – dry – apply natural deodorant)⠀

drink lots of water – I love adding detoxing essential oils and chlorophyll (chlorophyll is also in our dark leafy greens and helps with odour!)⠀

limit caffeine and eat a balanced healthy diet⠀

keep trying til you get to what works for you⠀

My fav low tox deodorants; dōTERRA’s balance essential oil infused natural deodorant; a DIY pits spray (as above – my edited version of the @theinspiredlittlepot recipe); nopong @nopong.australia ; black chicken remedies @blackchickenremedies

I usually use the pits spray, rub in, allow to dry, then apply my natural deodorant.⠀

I give my underarm pits a quick spray then layer with dōTERRA’s essential oil infused natural deodorant.

Do you need to buy witch hazel?  Did you know that we sell it in our store?  We also sell 200ml trigger spray bottles (we no longer sell 120ml sized bottles).

If you don’t yet have essential oils start your journey now and join me and my team.  If you already have your wholesale customer account, then I hope your adding all of these gorgeous essential oils and some natural deodorant to your next order.

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