Mentor Calls – Existing & Potential Customers

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You either already have a dōTERRA business within the Essential Olie Tree, or would like to discuss the starting or prepared to start your business.

This is where I impart my years of knowledge – from accounting to teaching – to coach and guide and prepare you to succeed in your dōTERRA business.  I’m mentored by my upline, and also want to impart that learning and knowledge to you.

Why?  It’s great to have a sound board to discuss your ideas with someone in the business; guidance on what you need to do to succeed in the business; realistic goal setting; someone to discuss and celebrate your wins and falls (we all have them); and much more.

We can either meet up in person, or talk over the phone.  It’s completely up to you.  After all this is about you, and your business.

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mentor calls – one-on-one or small groups


Mentoring for business partners and potential business partners with the Essential Olie Tree.  During these calls we will go through the business side of running a dōTERRA business and beyond, including some simple concepts that will provide you with building blocks to build successfully, provide coaching and training, set up your personal goals for progression, and to discuss any other challenges and ideas that you may have.




Either in the privacy of your own home, in my home, another location or via phone or skype.



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