July 02
Purpose Rollerball Blend

Purpose Rollerball Blend

I love the dōTERRA yoga collection of essential oils, especially Ascend (aka Arise).

The only downside with loving a blend is that I go through it far too quickly.

If you haven’t used or smelt Ascend before, it’s is a 5ml bottle containing a blend of the following middle to top noted essential oils:

  • Lemon
  • Grapefuit
  • Siberian Fir
  • Osmanthus
  • Melissa

It’s blended in fractionated coconut oil, so you can use it straight from the bottle on your skin.  If your like me though and want to make the bottle last longer then you can dilute it further into a rollerball bottle.

At the moment, I am loving Ascend blended with Neroli.  dōTERRA’s Neroli comes in a pre-diluted rollerball.  You can still open the bottle to remove a few precious drops to make it go further as well.

Emotionally when you blend Ascend with Neroli you will feel empowered with a sense of purpose.  I use this blend as a pure-fume for this emotional support.  During the cold and flu season I use it to provide immunity support, and of course to smell divine.  Sometimes I also use it as part of my nightly skincare regime.  It’s also great on those pesky cold sores.  I don’t however use it on exposed skin during the day, as it does have citrus oils in it, which are photosensitive.

We would love to assist you with using essential oils by starting your journey now and join me and my team.  If you already have your wholesale customer account, then I hope your adding the yoga collection kit (or at least Ascend) and a bottle of Neroli Touch to your next order.

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