October 08

Snapshot of My Essential Oil Use

I am still recovering from finger surgery. I had a ganglion cyst in the first joint of my right pointer finger that was very painful every time I knocked it. While that was being removed and the joint cleaned up, I also had the little bone spurs removed, as I have very mild arthritis (another side effect from being a coeliac).

Before I had surgery, I had these visions of focusing on the blog, as I have a little housekeeping of the blog to do plus I wanted to update photos and fine tuning all of those recipes that need a few extra revisions so lots and lots of baking was planned. Well, after having a pain reaction post surgery, that all went out the window, so my focus has been just on my finger and using my essential oils.

Do you know why do I use dōTERRA?

Putting aside the fact that dōTERRA source plants from their originally grown locations; there are no synthetics or chemicals used in the growing of the plants or in the production of the essential oils; and they put back into the community via their Healing Hands Foundation; I love using their products. I am not a health practitioner, but they work for me and my family. If you are unsure discuss essential oils with your healthcare professional.

I was introduced to dōTERRA essential oils when I got glutened a few years ago after going to a gluten free high tea with friends. I was in a terrible way: bed rest for 9 weeks, a few emergency dashes to hospital, a reaction to pain medication, and the list goes on… I was on a lot of medication just to get through it and taking others to counter against side effects. It really was a dark time for me, but I had a very good support system with family and friends and they all chipped in to help. So, after being at this low point and feeling like nothing was improving, I was introduced to DigestZen. It’s a blend of essential oils for digestive support. I felt almost immediate relief, and was hooked on dōTERRA essential oils from that point. This oil sparked my love of essential oils, and gave me confidence that I would feel well again. The rest, as they say is history, and the whole experience has lead me here today.

Jumping forward to today, I take a number of the dōTERRA supplements for general wellness and to support my immune system, plus of course I use the essential oils on a daily basis. I do take some dōTERRA essential oils internally as some of their range are safe to ingest (note: do not take your essential oils internally without medical advice from your healthcare practitioner). I also love aromatically dressing myself everyday, and of course diffusing essential oils. We have diffusers in almost every room of our home!

My recent hand surgery:

Jumping back to my finger surgery, I took dōTERRA oregano internally 3 x a day in a veggie cap for the first week after the surgery. For me, I decided that I didn’t want to take antibiotics purely because I have gut health issues and I am finally at that stage that I believe it’s getting better so I didn’t want to compromise it. After a week, I went to have the dressing removed and my specialist commented that it was looking good with no sign of infection. But, I had limited movement and an intense amount of pain, which medication was not easing, so I started taking frankincense, lemongrass and marjoram in a veggie cap 3 x a day internally to help with the pain. My finger was redressed with a smaller dressing and as I had a little bruising I started massaging a dilution of frankincense, lavender, tea tree/melaleuca, helichrysum and roman chamomile. By the 2nd week when I started hand therapy the bruising had gone, but the pain and limited movement continued. At the end of my first hand therapy session I had a little more movement and as the dressing was removed I was instructed to massage my essential oils over the wound area. I noticed that my skin was also peeling, so I added myrrh to my diluted mix of oils. Towards the end of week 3 and in week 4 the stitches started to come off, then in week 5 the skin over the wound started to peel off each time I massaged it.

Once the redness goes, I’m sure I will not have a noticeable scar.

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