August 27

Static Cling

There is nothing worse when you wear a lovely top, skirt, pants or dress and it clings to you like no tomorrow.

Years ago I used to use chemical-based sprays that I would buy in the lingerie section or personal care aisle at large department stores and supermarkets.  I love them, but they never really worked.  I always had to carry them around with me.

Until I started doing this trick…

I use cotton draw string bags that I’ve up-cycled from products that I have purchased over the years.  Add the himalayan salt and essential oils, then pop it in the dryer with my clothes on a low setting.  It works a treat!

It also saves you from buying toxic dry sheets that spruik that they remove static cling, which I have never found worked.  In fact, I believe, they are only adding to our chemical toxic overload in our bodies, as once we wear our clothes and our body warms up, I believe we are absorbing the chemicals through the skin.

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