July 09

Strength Diffuser Blend by Nat

I am truly blessed to have meet so many wonderful people on my journey creating our Essential Olie Tree.

Nat is one these people.

She is a gorgeous woman that shared with me her favourite diffuser blend.  I’ve been busting to share it with you all, as I know some of you will resonate with it.

I’ve called this blend “Strength”.  I feel that intuitively Nat picked these 3 essential oils for their emotional support benefits.

Each of the essential oils in this blend has amazing benefits for our physical particularly during times when we are feeling overwhelmed and run down.  They also support our emotional wellbeing:

  • balance: otherwise known as dōTERRA’s grounding blend as it helps us to be focused on our goals until we have achieved them providing us with inner strength.
  • lemongrass: cleanser of energies to assist us to move forward.
  • onguard: otherwise known as dōTERRA’s protection blend as it assist to strengthen our inner self along with inner resolve to stand up for ourselves.

If you don’t yet have essential oils start your journey now and join me and my team.  If you already have your wholesale customer account, then I hope your adding these essential oils to your next order.

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