Strength Diffuser Blend by Nat

I am truly blessed to have meet so many wonderful people on my journey creating our Essential Olie Tree.

Nat is one these people.

She is a gorgeous woman that shared with me her favourite diffuser blend.  I’ve been busting to share it with you all, as I know some of you will resonate with it.

I’ve called this blend “Strength”.  I feel that intuitively Nat picked these 3 essential oils for their emotional support benefits.

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Gratitude Diffuser Blend

Can you believe it’s 2019!  Another year, another list of resolutions.

Do you do a list of resolutions for the new year?  I don’t.  I never stick to them anyway.

I do however plan our year over this time what we have on individually, what we have on as a family, listing personal and business goals and reflect on the year before.  So, not the typical new year’s resolution, but I guess a resolution of some sorts.

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