Study Time Rollerball Blend

I actually love using dōTERRA’s proprietary blend called InTune.  It was created to support our bodies during times when we are required to be focused.  However, as it comes in a rollerball of pure essential oils, we found it just too strong for our kids.  Do you have the same issue?  If so, try our study time blend.  Simply dilute the intune rollerball with your favourite carrier oil into multiple rollerball bottles.  Add some lemon essential oil to assist to tone it down to your preferred aroma.

This is our youngest daughter’s favourite blend to wear to school, and when sitting down in the evening to complete her allocated homework.

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Mint Toffee Rollerball Blend

Mint toffees are my favourite christmas lolly!

It’s a lolly that I really miss at Christmas time, and if I didn’t cross react to corn with my Coeliac’s Disease I would be all over them.

Before you read on, I know your thinking but there is no mint in the blend.  Like toffees, they are not overly strong with mint, it’s just a subtle flavour, and the minty aroma in this blend comes from the cardamom.

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