Sweetness Diffuser Blend

This is a great recipe once your ready to branch out from ‘starter’ oils.  Litsea is one of those oils that I believe everyone should have in their essential oil collection.  I call it my icy pole oil x sherbert oil, as it has this delicious sweet citrus scent.  Hence, this diffuser blend name of Sweetness.

I can’t get enough of it, and especially at the moment to help evoke feelings of summer.

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I’m terrified on using toxic weeds killer around our home.  Have you ever googled the ingredients, and the harmful side effects?  I have and I almost instantly started googling natural alternatives.  I’ve tried a few recipes, and played around with some recipe to tweak them to create my own low toxic version.

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Grapefruit Diffuser Blends

Grapefruit Diffuser Blends

Have you every experimented with Grapefruit Diffuser Blends?  I love using grapefruit as an alternative citrus to wild orange and lemon essential oils.

It’s divine!  Try one of our Grapefruit Diffuser Blends that I have created.

I love the fresh citrus tart scent you get when you diffuse it.  It’s so fresh and uplifting.  Try playing around with your essential oils to create your own diffuser blends or using my creations.

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Liquid Dishes

Swapping out a toxic dishwashing liquid for one that you make yourself is the easiest way you can start your low tox way of life.

Dishwashing liquid was one of the first products we swapped.  Have you ever tried to read the ingredients in your dishwashing liquid?  I did.  I used a chemical app and google, and it freaked me out.

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Static Cling

There is nothing worse when you wear a lovely top, skirt, pants or dress and it clings to you like no tomorrow.

Years ago I used to use chemical-based sprays that I would buy in the lingerie section or personal care aisle at large department stores and supermarkets.  I love them, but they never really worked.  I always had to carry them around with me.

Until I started doing this trick…

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