February 02

Tea Tree

I grew up in Australia with the scent of tea tree.  I have always loved the crisp fresh smell and I think I always will love it.  It makes the house smell clean!

I also love that dōTERRA sources their pure tea tree essential oil from the NSW Northern Rivers Region of Australia.

I use it often and in a variety of ways:

  • DIY personal products such as shaving cream/balm, spray for the kids for their hair, deodorant, face cleaner, face toner, face serum, liquid hand soap, liquid body wash, baby wipes, face wipes, and so much more.
  • add a few drops to the soapberry nut bag when doing laundry or to the vinegar in the rinse cycle.
  • use it in my general cleaning spray and shower paste.
  • in my toilet bombs to clean our toilets the low toxic way.
  • diluted in either cooled boiled water or distilled water in a spray bottle to take when bushwalking and in summer months.  This doubles up as a great spray for those times when you need to use public shower facilities for the feet, and toilet facilities.
  • blended with fractionated coconut oil into a rollerball bottle for a quick to grab and use pre-diluted bottle.
  • added to a pure-fume for a middle note.
  • diffused on it’s own or blended other essential oils – my favourite blends would be Tea Tree and Lemon or Tea Tree, Cypress and Lavender.

Why dōTERRA?

Each of the 250 precious drops will be so versatile in your home, and is changing the lives of the Australian Farmers in NSW’s Northern Rivers Region for dōTERRA with the co-impact sourcing initiative.

Are you ready to make a difference and buy a pure Tea Tree essential oil that supports these Aussie farmers and that can replace so many of your toxic household and personal products?  If so, click here to join our Essential Olie Tree.

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