January 08

Thankful 1 Rollerball Blend

A few weeks ago I shared with you my gratitude diffuser blend, so I thought I would share with you a rollerball blend that I like to call ‘Thankful 1’.

I really love each and every essential oil in this blend, but I do have a few variations to it.  I find that I am reflective when I wear it as a pure-fume and fully energised.

Its good to be thankful all the time. Sometimes we forget, and we need a subtle nudge from a lovely aroma to trigger our thoughts.⠀
ō Bergamot to cheer and heal your soul⠀
ō Geranium to serenely attune your body to a new tempo ⠀
ō Siberian Fir to let go, accept and forgive⠀
ō Wild Orange, my favourite, to inspire abundance⠀
It smells amazing!⠀⠀
All blended with fractionated coconut oil (FCO) which has little or no smell, long shelf life, and doesn’t stain clothes.

Did you know we also sell 5ml and 10ml rollerball bottles?  Head over to our shop and buy from us.

If you don’t yet have essential oils start your journey now and join me and my team.  If you already have your wholesale customer account, then I hope your adding these gorgeous essential oils to your next order.

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