March 31

Wholly Kale – it’s a simple salad

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It truly is a simple and easy salad to make, and tastes delicious. I love eating this salad in summer as it’s refreshing. It tastes good with all types of meats.

Wholly Kale – it’s a simple salad

Prep time Total time
5 mins 5 mins

Author: Tracey Francis of Essential Olie


  • A bunch of Kale (any type)
  • 1 Ruby Red Grapefruit


  1. Rinse the kale and place in a serving bowl.
  2. Segment the Ruby Red Grapefruit so that you have no skin or seeds and toss into the kale.
  3. Squeeze juice from the remaining grapefruit over salad.
  4. Serve.
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