July 06
Wild Orange Essential Oil

Wild Orange

Picture a hot summer’s day and using your hands to remove the peel from a cold orange from the fridge, imagine the burst of oil from the peel; the mouthwatering smells; and the sweet juice running through your fingers and down your arms.  For me, this is a magical gift from the earth, and I am in a truely happy place when I am in this moment.

Do you feel that way too?  Well, intensify that thought and imagine the smell.  That’s what dōTERRA wild orange smells like to me.  A bottle full of bright sunshine stimulating the senses with an intense smell that makes your mouth instantly water.

I call a bottle of dōTERRA wild orange my BF, best friend, of all essential oils, as like a friend it’s bright, cheery and exactly what you need.

Needless to say, I use it everyday in a variety of ways:

  • adding a drop to water, soda water or wine.
  • infused into raw and baked sweets and treats, salad dressing, marinate sauces, tea (brush the side of a tea bag with the top of the bottle), raw chocolates, bliss balls, any dishes requiring orange zest or juice, cakes, muffins, loaves, slices, icing and sorbets for that orange zing.  I especially love it with anything chocolate.
  • added to fruit ice blocks, fruit jellies and jam.
  • added to fruit juice and smoothies, oh and especially a raw cacao smoothie, hot chocolate, mocha or coffee (yep I know, but I love flavoured coffee).
  • DIY cleaning products such as in our linen spray, pillow sprays and general cleaning sprays (I often mix up the oils in our general cleaning sprays).
  • diffused on it’s own or blended (have some fun!).  My favourite is to blend it with Frankincense or Lemon or Lavender or even with OnGuard to give it an extra citrus aroma.
  • added to a pure-fume for a top citrus note.
  • diluted into a rollerball bottle so we have quick and easy access to diluted wild orange.
  • a drop in the palm of my hands, rubbed and inhaled for a much needed uplifting.  I especially love doing this as a 3pm pick-me-up with Peppermint essential oil, instead of a coffee.

Did you know?

Each of the 250 precious drops will be so versatile in your home, and is changing the lives of the Brazilian farmers and their families for dōTERRA with the co-impact sourcing initiative.

Are you ready to make a difference and buy a pure essential oil that has been extracted from their oranges?  If so, click here to join our Essential Olie Tree.

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